QuEST Global – Flagship Event Activation

QuEST Global – Flagship Event Activation

Client: QuEST Global

Objective: To gain higher levels of engagement & participation for their 2017 edition of QuEST Ingenium.

Description: QuEST Global approached Monolith to create a better digital strategy for their 2017 QuEST Ingenium contest. Monolith effectively promoted the event through social media platforms like Facebook & twitter and communicated with engineering colleges across India. Furthermore, efforts were taken to promote the event through College’s social media channels, online groups and Q & A forums like Quora. Monolith created a landing page to make the voting process easier and optimized official Ingenium website to make it more user-friendly. From thousands of entries 10 teams were selected at the end and the one with the most votes was crowned the winner.

Outcome: The campaigns were a gigantic success as over 8000 entries were received within days and resulted in an overwhelmingly higher number of participation and social media engagements.


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