Hero Xtreme 160R Digital Launch

Hero Xtreme 160R Digital Launch

Client: Hero Motocorp

Objective: To gain higher levels of participation and promotion for Hero’s 2020 flagship release Xtreme 160R.

Description: Xtreme 160R was Hero’s newest Flagship release for 2020. Since the market became extremely fragile due to the pandemic, the challenge to effectively position the bike raised manifold. As the performance agency for Hero, Monolith needed to bring high participation for the digital launch of Xtreme 160r. We developed a 3 Phase marketing strategy to push the campaign.

Outcome: The campaign was a humungous success as we received 3+ million in reach, more than 350,000+ user engagements and a shocking 2.5+ million video plays


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Monolith Rich Media Showreel

A sneak peek through the creative rich media gallery.

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