Monolith Rich Media Showreel

Monolith Rich Media Showreel

Objective: To attract and convert potential customers through the display of our digital marketing prowess.

Description: Monolith is a creative digital marketing agency that helps brands and organizations stand out in the crowded digital world. In these turbulent times, the best thing we can do is put our heart and soul into the work we do & in this showreel, we include some of the most successful and creative works we made for our clients.

Outcome:  With our clever strategies, bold marketing, and top-notch creative works, we helped to increase sales and change perceptions of products, services, and brands themselves.


Popular Rally 360° Digital Events Promotions

To create a massive buzz for the 2017 Popular Rally competition and to generate bigger digital push in social media platforms.

Maruthua Panchajeeraka – Digital Activation

Generated brand awareness and buzz for their women supplements, Maruthua Panchajeeraka Gudam, as part of the Valentine’s Day celebration.

QuEST Global – Flagship Event Activation

Here’s how we made huge social media engagements & over 8000 entries for 2017 QuEST Ingenium within days.

Malabar Gold and Diamonds – To Mom With Love!

Monolith devised a digital strategy for Malabar Gold & Diamonds in an effort to bridge the gap between Mother and her child.

Hero Xtreme 160R Digital Launch

Here’s how we achieved higher levels of participation and user engagements for Hero’s 2020 flagship release, Xtreme 160R.

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