Select the Best Medium | Print or Digital Medium for Your Business

January 9, 2019
Digital Marketing

With the advent of social media platforms, people around the world are now constantly updated. Unlike the old days, when they had to wait for prints to be released to get connected with the world unseen or unheard. Any business these days need a social media platform to get involved and engage customers. The question is, how relevant or useful is the print medium in the times of Digital bloom. Choose the best one, print or digital medium for business.

Print or Digital Medium for Your Business

No company these days take ostrich stance, ignoring changes or making obsolete old business strategies. Saying that no company can also sustain just because of the Digital platforms they are engaged in and avoid traditional marketing strategies or ethics.

The growing prevalence of smartphones has urged companies to use digital platforms to advertise and promote the business. The digital media have many benefits over the print medium in terms of expense, time and effort put in. The scope of customer engagement through digital medium attracts companies to explore the possibilities of the medium. A promotion done on social media allows marketers to communicate with customers which gives them a more personal connection with their brand. Features like Direct messaging, tweeting, wall posting, and other methods initiate companies to be more responsible and serve the customers right. A digital advertisement could also be interactive, such as a game or contest that allows for participation and further engages consumers.

The versatility of the Digital medium

in controlling and monitoring who views an ad or comments can streamline companies in building marketing strategies or analyse how effective/flop a campaign can be. This gives companies measurable data regarding the various activities they engage with customers. For example, Google Adwords or Facebook Ads offer analysis on user trends and successful referrals generated by the advertisements.

With all these, we can’t just shut and say that Print is going to extinct. Print medium still holds the capacity as a physical and tangible medium to customers. The print is still a professional means of communicating with customers because it shows a genuine effort by the company in connecting with their target customers. A well-planned content and design in the brochure or business card attract or pleases any client than saying, “Hey, let me mail you all the details real quick!“. So be aware of the best medium, print or digital medium for business.

Data connectivity is still not achieved in many interior or rural parts. And therefore, one can’t completely rely on the digital medium to reach every possible target. The print whereas still holds a stronghold in rural areas or say, print ads can have a more localized presence. Banners and hoardings create more attention and help customers to connect with the brand. A well-placed poster or banner can generate valid leads to the respective company of the same.

print or digital medium for business

We can’t actually compare both medium and state one’s utility or benefit is more than the other. A good campaign works both offline and online, utilizing the right combination of both depending on the size of the market, demographic targets, products or services offered, budget, and other factors. The usage of both the medium allows the best communication with all kind of customers thereby maximizing the return on investment of the same.

Many leading digital marketing agencies in Kochi, work extensively with both digital and print media to cater to the needs of clients. Identifying which medium can reach the target audience and effectively put forward marketing strategy is the key to understanding all the platforms at disposal for the client.

Let’s conclude that, whichever is the medium the company chooses to reach its customers, use it wisely understanding the scope of it in the market placed.

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