Why Micro-Moments is a Significant Strategy

August 22, 2019
Micro Moments

Importance of Micro-Moments in Digital Marketing Platform

The digital prints on the internet have been increasing in the information era. The perception of marketing has changed drastically with the new digital age where there are multiple platforms provided by digital media. The opportunities of advertisers have increased as the consumers are equipped with smartphones, laptops and other electronic gadgets. Here we are discussing Micro-moments and its benefits.

The digital footprints are one of the most important data used by the marketers as it helps them to identify the potential needs of the consumers. The competitors around the world have increased and marketing methods used by the vendors have also increased. Micro-moments is one such important element in digital marketing. The article will help you to familiarize with Micro-Moments and its benefits in the digital marketing platform.

The age of information created a new breed of consumers in the market. The age of digital information led to the age of digital assistants. The consumers in the market are empowered with the power information with powerful information gadgets in their possession. Information is readily available for them in this new digital age which empowered the customers in a range of ways.

It is difficult to reach out to these customers and please them. There is a necessity n the organizations to refine their capabilities to utilize the data available and anticipate the needs of the customers. Marketers should be able to leverage the data of the clients such as urgency, need, and other parameters to push in the necessary products and services to them at the most preferred time.

There are several micro-moments in the search of a customer in the platforms. These micro-moments should be recognized by the vendors and utilized properly.

There are four critical moments defined under the Micro-Moments:

I Want to Know Moments

I-want-to-know moments are the moments in which the client might not be in the purchase. The client might be in research mode to analyze the options in the market. Big or small endeavours such as buying a house to buying a shoe, people tend to develop a habit of “know before they go” as information is in their fingertips. The research made by consumers can be used by marketers to develop targeted content and advertising.

The marketers can identify the potential customers from these efforts which would make their marketing more effective. The targeted content to the client should focus on the information provided in the ads as the best ad should not feel like an advertisement. I-want-to-know moments are similar to I-want-to-do moments. While the former is strictly research and knowledge-oriented, the latter will also include action.

I Want to Go Moments

I-want-to-go moments are critical moments in the current information age where the location of a person has great values. The ‘near me’ option is really a ‘near your opportunity’ in the marketing perspective.  The significance of the location is increasing day by day, but it is stated less. The nearby searches are conducted by any person in a town to avail the simplest services available.

Therefore, the optimization of the location should be a priority of every commercial outlet. As we analyze the new breed of consumers in the market, we can realize the depth of digital assistance essential to them. These are not vulnerabilities of the new consumer market but opportunities to business ventures.

The digital footprint of the institution is important in online platforms. For example, if you are operating a cafe and person relatively new to the area would look on these online platforms to find such services. Therefore, an updated version of your location with optimized details would help you to gain a potential; the customer who might be a regular customer to you depending on your service.

I Want to Do Moments

There are many moments of intending in the life of a client in their day to day life. These things are sometimes decided on the spot by the person. For example, one fine morning you are in the urge to cook or buy a real estate property. It took a lot of time in the olden days but now it is the digital age.

There are millions of search engines, websites, and videos in a video streaming platform such as Youtube to provide information for the client. If you are a real-estate dealer or a self-product based company who supplies cake making recipes and ingredients, the clients would be motivated to come to you. But this also depends on the quality of the content you provide to tour potential clients. It should be informative and simple, and in addition, it should contain various easy ways for the client to call you for enquiry.

The content should be subtle in advertising the client. The client should feel safe and develop trust through the content. Therefore, these vital micro-moments should be utilized by the company to reach potential clients in the market.

I Want to Buy Moments

The impatience of the current generation is visible in the online platforms. The instant information providing gadgets, high-speed internet has affected their daily lifestyle. If one option is slightly inconvenient for them, they would immediately start looking for new options.

I want to buy moments are such moments that the client would need to buy in the very instant. Maybe it is because of financial stability or a short term offer for the consumer. But the talent of the marketer is to understand the key moments and push their products and services. The availability of the product and service in the very instance is important for the client and the host or the client may move towards alternative options.

There are various mechanisms to understand such behavior in the clients. Browser push notifications, Rich lead profiling, and content personalization are some of the methods used in the digital marketing environment to enhance the marketing techniques used in the online platform.

The refinement of these techniques is necessary to narrow down to the clients necessary for your organization. The competition in the consumer market is changing as the service providers provide many options to the clients.

The smart act of focusing on your potential client population and directing your resources to capture the market share is being revolutionized in every second. The journey you are about to start is a big one but the beginning of your digital life starts with such micro-moments in the life of your clients. Therefore, the first important step is to choose the best digital marketing agency Kochi to place your digital footprints on the World Wide Web.

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